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tv   FOX News Special  FOX News  March 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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on twitter tonight you have chimed in you want to learn more but on first flush you will understand controlling the internet and never seeing your web cam quite the same. good night. ♪ >> good evening. welcome to a special two our edition of "justice." the mystery of flight 370. i am judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. it was nine days ago that the world first heard about a malaysia airlines boeing 777 traveling to beijing one of the safest aircraft in the sky literally disappearing. but now everything we originally thought is in question. it is now believed that the transponders and the communication system used to
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identify planes were intentionally disabled on the aircraft. then the direction changed drastically as did the altitude that the aircraft was 239 on board flew another six to seven hours with no radio contact. that based on bingeing from the aircraft the radius of the last possible location is 2200 miles wide. eight days after its disappearance malaysian authorities decide to search the homes of the two pilots saying disabling of the communication was a deliberate brat and intentional act. they have also taken two laptops and a simulator from the home of one of the pilots. they now say that they have begun a criminal investigation. no terrorist group has taken credit or responsibility. that evidence and the information we currently know
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doesn't answer where flight 370 is. questions abound. if this was an intentional act, was it the pilots, passengers, unknown individuals, and what was the purpose of the diversion off the original flight plan. who was on the plane. what was being transported in the cargo hold. why was malaysian military not scramble their jets can any one be certain that this plane flew for an additional seven hours after the transponders were turned off. for what reason. in this day and age of technological wonder how can you just lose a plane weighing over 600,000 pounds. what does it all mean? how can something like this happen? in the next two hours we will bring you experts in aviation, experts in investigations and geo politics.
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we will take a look at how the families of those on that plane could possibly cope with the roller-coaster of emotions as the information continues to change. with me, retired navy captain and fox news military analyst chuck nash. good evening captain. can you tell us what do we know today that is different from yesterday? >> we know very little except for the fact that the mal layings personnel said they are focused on this is a criminal investigation. everybody has writtpretty much written off a catastrophic failure whicht belief. and since 9-11 it was by one of the panel members of the 9-11 commission turned a failure of imagination. if this is a terrorist or if this is a pilot suicide, it is something that is so far outside
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of the normal thinking of the aviation community that it is really stretching imaginations. we are very reticent to accept assumption instead of fact. we are not trying to make the scenario to the fact. >> it is almost 10 days later every day i image it makes it more difficult for us to locate this aircraft. you agree with that? >> it does. >> there are goods in others in this, judge. the satellite over the indian ocean over the indian ocean measured the teams. what they did was they found almost a constant 1,000 miles. you could do a thousand miles traveling this way and staying equal distance from this point. you can go a thousand miles you can stay a thousand miles and go
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very far this way and still stay at 1,000 miles or you can sit there and other bit. it's a huge area. >> let me dumb this down a little bit. you are saying there's 2200 miles that we have to look at based upon the last information that we know to be a fact, so how many of our assets are there, the navy, the air force. if it's there, will we find it? >> if it's in the water, we will find it probably sooner rather than if it is on land or if someone saw it land. here's why. if it's in the water we have submarines in other words, we have very, very sensitive sense to -- sensors. they will pick up the black boxes. they will operate for 30-days. that's their spec. the airplane is in the water for seven days. the clock is ticking. if it landed on land it probably
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didn't land in a normal airport, because it would be difficult to say who are you and where are you going? it probably landed in some obscure airport maybe a world war ii airfield in northern b m burma in which case given the dense vegetation if somebody saw it land a triple 7 landing in that place, it gets back to motive. we talked about this, judge. what did the people who took this want that airplane for. did they want it for the airplane or the cargo or the people it was carrying or was this some kind of a suicide, somebody trying to make amelia earhart in the mod modern day. we don't know the motive. if we figure out the motive that is going to drive the search. >> right now do you believe that there are enough assets and enough people involved and the government is giving us enough information so that we can, at
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least assist them more than we have been able to in the last nine days? >> i think that the assets that are being put to this are significant. you have 24 nations involved in this. whether the malaysian government is giving out all of the information it could, it is certainly not reaching out to all of the government agencies including the fbi and ntsb in the united states. just to that alone i can say no. to the first part everybody is trying to do the best they can. >> thank you for being with us this evening. with me now commercial pilot and flight instruct fore phillip holloway good evening. it is gad tav you here. where do you think this plane is now? >> if i do that i guess we can stop the show right now. here's the thing. this is a criminal case. this requires a criminal investigation. the investigation has to be
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based on facts and not assumptions as the previous guest side. as lawyers you and i know that when you assume things, you often times don't get to the truth. what you have to have is facts. >> we know all of that. based upon the facts as we know them now, the transponder according to the malaysian government was intentionally turned off the fact that we haven't heard from this airline the fact that there was a preprogrammed turn on this plane, what does that tell you? >> well, i don't know that we have established there was a pro programmed turn. there was satellite dat dau and radar data that has not been conclusively established it was this plane. what we do know -- >> i think it has been. i think they have indicated there was a preprogram turn. but i agree with you that with respect to the radar data we are not sure it was this plane. but go ahead. >> there has not been one piece
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of wreckage found nowhere. i understand this is a very large search area in fact it's larger than the united states. but we still don't have any evidence to suggest this plane crashed. we haven't found any debris and we don't have any indicators from either of the emergency locator translate teres that we know were on that airplane and if it had crashed those things would be going off. all these assets that we have searching for it they would be finding it. so my guess, and it's a guess, i believe that in the absence of any evidence of a crash i think the aircraft was stolen. if it was stolen it raises the question why and who stole it and where is it? how do you hide it and what is going to be done with it next. these are frightening questions where somebody is going to have to find the answer through a proper investigation based on facts. >> quickly, do we know if the malaysian government has given us a manifest of what was in that cargo hold? what was that plane carrying?
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because if we go to the sinister who took it and why, we need to know what was on that plane. >> that's true. i think that the manifest probably has already been circulated amongst the various agencies looking into it. i think that the more probable explanation, if you are going to steal a boeing 777, you are not going to use it for personal pleasure, you are probably going to use it as a wam. it becomes a perfect delivery vehicle for a bomb or a cruise mize missile or something like that. we don't know what's going to happen with it next. >> every day going forward is not good news i suspect for the families and loved ones of those on the plane. >> i agree and i think that in all likelihood if this aircraft was stolen i suspect those that were on board the aircraft have been lost. >> i hope not. >> phillip holloway thank you for being with us this evening. >> thank you.
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>> welcome back to "justice." it's going on 10 days since flight 370 disappeared. 25 nations are now involved in the search for this airliner. what do we really know about what happened in that cockpit. with me former advisors to the u.k. defense ministry and military pilot michael k joins us. thank you for being with us this evening. i want you to take a look at a picture of a cockpit of a 777. tell us where the transponder
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is. you c you can see the center console. this box here is the transponder. it is important to note they have three transponders it has a primary if it fails the second will back it up. however, what's important is a single knob which turns the transponder off will turn it off the next. >> explain this to us, michael. >> okay, so this is the transformer itself. it is important to know this is a stand alone unit. any one looking to identify this i think it would be fairly easy. we pulled this off the internet. anybody wanting to do a a little research on the 777 they can do that. >> even in this day and age. >> if you do a little research on it you understand what is the
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on-off switch. it is not just position it's altitude and the traffic collision aborting system. there's three incredibly important functions. if you are halfway over the atlantic or the south china sea where there's no primary coverage. >> what you are saying if a transponder is turned off there's no way to specifically identify this plane or the altitude of this plane. >> absolutely spot on. you can see the four digits here that provide the aircraft with a unique identification code. >> when those four digits are not there? >> those four digits disappear from the radar screen as to the altitudes. it is absolutely imperative especially where there is radar coverage. >> it is clear the transponder is invisible and reachable.
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>> what's important is from hijacked to sabotage to mechanical failure without the crews knowing about it. speaking on violence a-- if you internet it is something easily identifiable and eedz zee to turn off as well. there's an important piece here, when the aircraft go out and do trans-atlantic flights or south china sea flights whether areas of vast open there could be lots of aircraft crossing the china sea that a half an hour how toum guadalupe paw or beijing. they could all be wearing this. >> what you are saying there is no way to specifically identify this aircraft. >> let's go to the next. this is a cockpit door on the 777. now is this door automatically
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locked when it is closed on all 777's the boeing? >> ever since 20 -- well, 9 the-11 they had a need to bolster the security for the cockpit doors. that only applied to aircraft that were entering and leaving the state. they could say with malaysian airline 777 had a falty door. we think it is likely to have happened. >> what are -- look at these altitude changes. this was information given by the malaysian military. if what you have just told us about the transponder not being able to identify altitude malaysian governments said it was off, how is it that they can possibly say that the altitude or the height of this aircraft. >> great question. something i am really struggling with personally. once that transponder is off it is incredibly hard for any radar or authority to ascertain what
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altitude that aircraft is at. specifically these altitudes, 29,500 feet. that's pretty accurate. when you are in the middle of the south china sea and there is no primary radar coverage and you lose altitude, ascertaining what height that aircraft is at, at any point beyond the transponder being turned off is incredibly difficult. even with primary radar trying to triangulate. >> michael thanks. stick around. you will be back with us a little later in the show. coming up the frantic search for flight 370 continues. could the missing airliner have actually landed somewhere? and could those passengers still be alive? stay with us. from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and 5 essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet's amazing juices and new amazing prune light.
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>> passengers are now the focus of the missing malaysian airlines investigation. but without concrete evidence to prove they are wrong could the 239 people on board this flight still be alive. let's ask aviation attorney and pilot michael panzia. thank you for being with us. >> good evening. there is a question as to whether or not given the altitude changes of this airline, based on the information we have gotten from the malaysian government, is it possible for those passengers to still be alive based upon all of the altitude changes? >> the other two changes would necessarily kill the passengers unless there was a sudden decompression in the airplane. this plane was seen up at 45,000 feet. the problem is, up at that altitude, the difference between excessive speed going beyond the
6:24 pm
structural speed limit of the airplane and the stall speed is a very, very narrow margin. they did see a plunge down to 29,500 feet. don't know how it got down that fast. it could have stalled. >> what does that mean it stalled or -- >> stalled means the -- well, it would be very, very frightening. it wouldn't necessarily deprive them of oxygen. but if the plane had actually stalled at that altitude which it could very possibly do and plunged to 29,000 feet and recovered it would be a flig frightening experience. we have a signal that the airplanes kept going after that. most likely passengers were alive at that point and alive the last they were heading west. >> i understand that you have a transponder, you have an actual
6:25 pm
transponder? >> this is an old-fashioned transponder. they have electronic readouts today. you put the numbers in, four numbers. air traffic control sees on the radar scope an identification of those numbers with the altitude of the airplane. to turn a transponder off you turn it off. air traffic control loses that information. >> if you believe the transponder was turned off how is it that we know the altitude of this particular plane? >> well, i understand that they have cross refrned fr -- refere from other radar. i don't know what the military radar was picking up. what they have is not altitude information but they have to cross-reference various radar hits in order to get a determination of the altitude.
6:26 pm
otherwise the transponder is the device that transmitting its altitude back to air traffic control. you turn that off and you don't have altitude any more. >> our hope now is the emergency locator transmitter if this indeed went into the indian ocean, the emergency locator transmitters in the black boxes could signal up to 14,000 feet. >> michael, thanks so much for being with us this evening. new details about the pilot of missing flight 370. who were they and could they be responsible? that's next. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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that will help you explain this to your...father. [ vehicle approaches ] [ dennis ] introducing quickfoto claim. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. >> the ballots are nearly counted the people of crimea has voted to join russia. the population of crimea largely
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made up of ethnic russians. president obama has told russia's president put tin it would never be recognized by the u.s. they spoke by phone earlier. the new government is calling the referendum a circus. south korean officials say the north test fired 14 short range mo rockets into the sea. it is over ongoing launches. they claim they are part of regular plainitraining. the u.s. state department is monitoring the situation. back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> an investigation into the missing malaysia airliner. the flight 370 pilots are under
6:31 pm
intense scrutiny has they searc for information. >> more details from the malaysians about why did they think this is a criminal pact. this is because the big left turn has been preprogrammed into the point of flight 370. what that has done in spite of pilots or to some engineer who might have had contact or access to the plane before it dutook o. that is precisely what they are looking into right now. more scrutiny of the captives removed the flight simulators so forensic experts take a look at this. they face the question even though he was an aviation enthusiast the flight simulator and if so what does that exactly imply? there was a report in the british newspaper on sunday that
6:32 pm
the captives had an excessive supporter at malaysia's jailed opposition leader. we have something here that is a political or ideological protest at work we just don't know but police are certainly considering that as an important factor in this. all of the people are investigated into the plane, clearly the pilot and the officer are those most concerned making it all the more sinister than there may have been somebody simulating the information in the cockpit. details the crew radioed in. it was part of a plot by by somebody in the cabin. >> sthooivengs. >> with us now is former assistant vice chief of staff of the air force general richard newton. general good evening. thanks for being with us.
6:33 pm
you just haired dominique, the inconsistency now after the transponders turned off they did say good evening. what does that tell you? >> that tells me there's obviously communication ongoing between the aircraft and the ground controllers at some point. also reported that the aircraft communications addressing reporting system or akars was was sending and you had communication with ground control and then reported that the transponder in the aircraft stopped transmitting at that point indicates that to me it is still of the delivered likely event verses a catastrophic failure of the aircraft as it was flying through the sky. >> as we try to make sense of this, do you think there should be live streaming from cockpits so that at least we have the ability if something like this
6:34 pm
happens in the future to identify what is actually going on? >> judge, i don't think at this point, it is way too early to determine what would be some of the ramifications of what occurred and then in turn trying to come up with some solutions. we are still in the midst of determining what happened, how it happened and then why it happened. those are all integrated right now and all going on at one time. i wouldn't necessarily grasp right now for a live streaming going on in the cockpit right now. it will certainly be able to put to bear what some of the problems that we will have encountered with the results of the investigation. but right now i wouldn't jump to the conclusion. >> if we had that information we wouldn't be starting a criminal investigation 8 days later and as someone that spends a lot of
6:35 pm
years in law enforcement, 8 days is a little slow to get an investigation. >> it is a long time. i think that's where the investigation of flight 370 to go back to the three fundamental questions of what and how and why, we have been slow out of the chalk if you will in getting answers. we have an aircraft that is lost we have no physical evidence of the aircraft or where it could be located. >> you say that there is going to be an ever growing international flying by passengers. can americans feel safe going forward in light of something like this happening? >> yes, i would tell the american public to continue to feel safe about flying the skies both in the united states and internationally. but think in terms that roads we are encountering right now in
6:36 pm
air travel not only here in t united states. you will see a significant growth in air travel. that's why i think it's significant to make sure we determine the right cause of this particular incident is. and that we determine certainly as i go back to the three fundamental questions. answer those questions to make sure that not the american public but international flying public is confident if i any time they step on an aircraft it will be i safe and secure and the aircraft will end up landing at the intended point of landing. >> you have got a lot of experience in this area. when you have an american aircraft or the boeing 777 made in the united states you have three american citizens on board. you know the malaysian government wasn't being totally open with us. although who knows what is going on behind the scenes. what power do we have to be able
6:37 pm
to get involved in an investigation earlier to assist americans on the flights that encounter something like this. >> first and foremost it's important for the american public to know that i am confident the united states is going to bring to bear the capabilities like this both from an investigation standpoint from a criminal investigation from the fbi aircraft investigation aspect of this to the fda to the national transportation safety board we are going to bring to bear all of the elements of national security. we can make sure that we will first find out what happened and then try to resolve whatever we come up with. this also points to how important it is i believe for america either through our diplomatic channels or military channels that we keep close ties with friends and allies or even those who may not be as friendly with. another case in point of the united states to stay engaged.
6:38 pm
>> thank you for being with us this evening. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, terror in the skies. could a terror group be behind the missing flight's disappearance. that's next. create a three course italian dinner with olive garden's new cucina mia for just $9.99. first, choose unlimited soup or salad. then create your own pasta with one of five homemade sauces. and finish with dessert. three courses, $9.99. at olive garden.
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it has been almost 10 days and we do not have any concrete evidence as to where flight 370 might be. could terrorists be in possession of this plane? with me is fox news contributor casey mcfarland. look, it is thought to be this is a terrorist act. the simulator of the captain of the plane. could this be a dry run the way we saw in 94 in? >> tsz a dry run. we say what do we know? what do they know? what have we learned if this is a dry run? you can buy tickets with crash. if the bad guys are doing this what have they learned?
6:43 pm
an awful lot. we have satellites every where. we are not looking at the southern hemisphere. is anybody else looking is the chinese looking with their satellite. that's a part of the world they shouldn't. >> are you saying the chinese should know where this plane is? aren't they the ones that misled all of us? >> what have they known and what have they shared? this is a dry run. they have learned now the united states is not looking at the southern hemisphere. they know somebody is looking is he southern hemisphere they have learned it sz hahas taken us a . there's an awful lot of spinning of the wheels. they got the a team involved. if you have done this for a dry run we have learned what vulnerabilities they are. >> that's how they do it.
6:44 pm
it was a dry run. the critters of the fed-ex or ups dry run. they do dry runs. >> what about the fact that the captain apparently had a friend of his who was sentenced that day and they feel that he may be trying to make some political statement. >> that's another thing we don't know about. you are trying to do something, you know what the vulnerabilities are. >> there are groups out there that would certainly be looking for leverage in a situation like this. you have got china, you have the shinni shin shank providence. 140 were injured. there is evidence there are groups that would look to manipulate in an instance like
6:45 pm
this. there is news out there and there is reporting out there that there are malaysians and shoe bomb threat and the rest of it. you go wider you have al qaeda. >> this is an area infested with terrorist groups. but wouldn't you think the malaysian government knows, are they clueless given all of the miss steps. >> apparently the malaysian military on the radar they weren't sure of which flight this was. >> they bring american standard to this. >> they go through security checkpoints we know the steps they do for airplane tickets and have the right identification. we know the steps taken for the aircraft systems, maintenance of the aircraft checks done by our own personnel. >> doesn't that make it
6:46 pm
dangerous for americans who are traveling all over the world now? >> i also think there's a pry issue here. i was one of the first responders after the tsunami. i was there in 48-hours the american fleet was off the coast ready to pounce at any moment. however, they didn't want any help. they wanted to try and solve the problem themselves. so the u.s. as much as it wants to help can be regarded in some cases as meddling. in the case of the tsunami they have to hang on and wait to be invited in to start the investigation. >> same with japan. we were ready to go but we had to be invited in. >> what about the cell phones? >> we have p spent how many months nsa is getting information on every cell phone conversation in the world. say german leaders all of our cell phone records release the
6:47 pm
fact that they have any information about the people who were on that plane? they have been vacuuming hovering up that stuff. if so whatever they do they don't do anything. >> they whip it. >> doesn't it tell you something, michael, that clearly there was some problem with this aircraft. the fact that there wasn't an e-mail, there wasn't a text message. icloud. if they were over land at that point, then how come there's nothing? it's almost as though everyone there might be something. >> a family member would have sent that. >> it may not be found. what we need to do things like this do take time to assess. >> why are there cell phones still ringing? >> any one who wants --
6:48 pm
(indiscernible) when you turn it off you call it it rings a couple times and goes to voice mail. that's something we can discard as a potential conspiracy theory. >> with 239 passengers if there were some problem on that flight someone would have gotten an e-mail or text, a call, something. >> or it would be in an out box. >> exactly. >> i think it tells us this is not going to be the last time we have one of these crises. we better figure out as a nation, how are we going to cooperate sharing data. >> thank you for being with us. how much does malaysia really know about the disappearance of flight 370. a lot more than you think. that's next.
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>> we have to get involved. we have to use intelligence. fbi involvement. i wish the fbi was over there. this will be a criminal investigation as far as the pilot and co pilot. we should use as much law enforcement as possible. the fbi is best at that. it is all basic unit should be used. malaysia has been resisting. something with the pilot and co pilot. >> outrage is growing around the world over the handling of the investigation into malaysia flight 370. should they take a lead on this missing airliner. good morning ambassador.
6:53 pm
you heard congressman peter king saying america needs to be more involved in this. we had the best assets, the bers ability for a situation like this. is there an international p protocol that allows us to go in? >> no, there's not. that's really why it requires leadership out of washington. we are in the tenth day now in this mystery no trace of the plane at all. it is in a laid back fashion. they have got a lot of information and thoughts. if we are not putting our foot in the door in malaysia and elsewhere we we are not going to bring to pear the capabilities you have. >> malaysia or china or others if we don't find a way to get more heavily involved.
6:54 pm
>> if we don't get into the politics of what's going on with this country with what the world looks at us now as americans go travel more and more around the world, you feel safe. you say i am in america no matter where i am in the world no matter they are going to come and help me. is this an example of america not being involved unless we are invited. you don't wait for the phone call because you show up at the various points of where you need to be involved where you stand outside the door and walk out the door and we are here to help. we have to look at what the different developments involved. their interest as we would see it in the united states is to
6:55 pm
have it as soon as possible. >> what do you mean the different interest or different government? >> malaysia, number one, this national airline lost a 777. until they get this cleared up and can point the finger at somebody else they are going to find someone flying malaysian airlines. the airlines and the government are not going to be in a hurry to share that information. we know they had some information and they said it publically they contradicted it and the malaysian government has a lot to answer for it here at boeing and other private sector that have an interest because it's a boeing plane they are not going to be able to shoe horn the government only the way the u.s. government can. >> but ambassadors should the
6:56 pm
military scrambled some jets when they saw this plane in their space or this aircraft and the transponders were off so they don't know who or what this was. >> i think they have got a lot of explaining to do, but it also shows why the mystery of this plane can really extend far wider geographically. we have heard some experts say the area through the indian ocean not through the military and civilian radars they say how can the plane go undetected ideology, corruption can explain how officials charge with radar surveillance can find a missing plane like this. they are not simply on technical experts but political experts to put it bluntly from the government to say we want to know what you know we want to know it now and we want cooperation. >> always good to get your opinion.
6:57 pm
thanks so much. our two our justice investigation into the mystery of the malaysia flight continues after the break.
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we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. jo the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side >> this is a fox news alert. the search for the missing malaysia airliner continues. but the question remains the same. where is flight 370. welcome back to our special edition of justice. i am judge njeanine pirro. thank you for being with us tonight. it has been ten-days since flight 370 disappeared. 25 nations involved in the search for an airliner. the guided missile destroyer was sent by the united states to assist in the search for missing malaysian flight 370. with me now on the phone from the


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